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A divorce is considered to be one of the most stressful events in a person's life. Those considering divorce must begin the process of making decisions that have long lasting effects.  Among those decisions are, child custody, division of assets, allocation of debt, as well as child and spousal support.   That is why clients need an attorney who knows the questions to ask, who knows how how to obtain the necessary information, and advise the client as to what is in their best interests.    


A dissolution accomplishes the same end as a divorce, however, is achieved without contested litigation.  Courts grant dissolutions to parties who have reached complete agreement on every issue once they have have made full and complete disclosures of their financial affairs.  The client plays an integral role with their soon to be ex-spouse and their respective counsel in creating a separation agreement as well as parenting plan, if applicable.  

child custody

Parties who have custody disputes and are not married to one another are served by the Juvenile Courts of Ohio.  Child custody is established based upon what the Court determines to be in a minor child's best interests.  There is no limit to the factors a Court can consider when making a custody ruling, so it is important to hire an attorney who knows what factors matter most to the Court based upon years of experience.  

child support

The Ohio Supreme Court and the Ohio Legislature have fashioned rulings and codified laws that require parents to support their children.  The State of Ohio has created a formula that accounts for the parties' incomes, child care costs, daycare costs, health insurance costs, and local taxes paid.  An experienced family law attorney can help you make sure you paying or receiving the right amount after examining all the relevant factors.

post divorce / Post Custody motions

Life is ever changing.  Certainly no good family law attorney or family law judge drafts language with the hope it will have to be changed in the future, but the fact remains lives change.  Courts reserve the right to amend/alter/or change prior orders that pertain to child custody and and child support based upon what is in a minor child's best interests of that very reason.  If you feel there has been a significant change in your child's life, your ex-spouse's life, or your life, you may want to consult a qualified attorney.

grandparents rights

The Supreme Court of Ohio has declared that grandparents may attempt to gain custody of their grandchild if certain conditions are met.  These cases tend to be very fact specific and requires the Court to make two individual findings by tow different burdens of proof.  The process is arduous, and grandparents face an uphill struggle, but there is hope with the assistance of an experienced and dedicated family law attorney.